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The White Eagle was launched in April of 2003 with a single edition serving the Polish-American community in Massachusetts. Th e bilingual newspaper featured news from Poland, articles pertaining to life in the United States, and most importantly, stories from the local Polish-American communities. Th e newspaper offered a means of communication between individuals in the form of letters and classifi eds and between businesses who took advantage of the newspaper’s marketing capabilities. Th e popularity of the periodical grew at an astonishing rate and soon its reach included all of the New England states.

This formula for success was soon replicated with the launch of a local edition of the newspaper for Florida the very same year. Subsequent editions quickly followed with the launch of local editions of the White Eagle for Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona and Nevada and the West Coast which covers California, Oregon and Washington state. Today, three additional newspapers are being planned for launch in 2007. Th ey include New Jersey, Illinois and a Great Lakes edition.

The White Eagle’s unprecedented reach and circulation have made the periodical a leader in the Polish-American media market and a preferred choice for advertisers looking to take advantage of the market opportunities of one of the largest ethnic groups in the country.

The wide array of marketing products off ered by the White Eagle allows us to prepare customized campaigns for our clients, both those wishing to advertise on a national level utilizing all editions, and those targeting a specifi c geographical area serviced by a single edition of the newspaper.
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